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HRG Seelong DPT-350/420
March 21 , 2022

DPT-350/420 Medicine Tray Making, Loading Machine

Product introduction

The balcony design of the tray packaging machine is a split combination type, suitable for large sizes and special shapes, including Xilin bottle, amp bottle, needle (powder needle), oral liquid and medical devices, electronic (battery) cosmetics. Not a hot seal. Like needles, ampoules, oral solution, urn bubble cover, material as shock absorber; servo drive, intelligent integration, rapid operation.

Equipment characteristics / advantages

1. main drive and main motor (or servo) rear, easy maintenance, part of the transmission using synchronous belt, to reduce noise and oil pollution.

2. station adjustment is operated by hand wheel disc and equipped with position digital display.

3. The heating station is preheated in sections, which is better, and the upper and lower heating plates are separated and movable to avoid damage of the plastic.

4.The traction mechanism is independently controlled by the servo motor, with smooth operation and accurate synchronization; the travel length can be set directly through the PLC control panel according to the size of the user section.

5. packaging material adopts pneumatic bearing material coil and PVC splicing platform to make the material coil change faster.

6. forced material using lower pressure absorption type plate, the plate position is accurate, no damage to the section.

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