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/Embalaje de carga de cartón SLCLP-550BM

Embalaje de carga de cartón SLCLP-550BM

MODALIDAD: Seelong-Carton Cargar Embalaje SLCLP-550BM.

VENTAJAS 1 : Diseñado para embotellados y barrera Products.


APLICACIÓN: Utilizado principalmente En proceso de embalaje de cerveza, bebidas, alimentos, productos químicos, medicina y otras industrias.

  • Artículo No:

    Case Loader ZXJ500BM
  • Orden (MOQ):

    1 PC
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  • Peso:

    6000-7000 KG
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Detalle del producto

Seelong- Embalaje de carga de cartón SLCLP-550BM

Descripción del producto:

La máquina es una máquina de embalaje automática diseñada para productos embotellados y protegidos. Adopta una operación simple y controlada por el programa informático, una acción estable. Puede organizar automáticamente los productos de acuerdo con los requisitos de embalaje. Es adecuado para el proceso de embalaje de cerveza, bebidas, alimentos, productos químicos, medicina y otras industrias. Corrección del método de conducción, la máquina puede ser MadeAccording a la máquina de ajuste de la máquina de boxeoeléctrica; máquina de embalaje neumática; Máquina de embalaje servo.


1. Esta máquina tiene las ventajas del diseño novedoso y la estructura compacta. Es fácilmente adecuado para el uso de la línea de montaje, también es fácil de mover.

2. Los componentes clave del producto se importan partes de alta calidad, con un costo muy alto.

3. La máquina puede permitir productos de una sola fila, múltiples columnas, una caja individual, embalaje de caja múltiple al mismo tiempo

4. Antes de embalar, podemos usar el equipo para ubicar automáticamente el cartón para garantizar el embalaje suave, evitando que el cartón esté atascado.

5. Amplia aplicación: esta máquina puede cumplir una variedad de especificaciones del embalaje del producto.

6. Sastre personal: se puede cubrir de acuerdo con los requisitos del cliente

Parámetros técnicos principales:



Fuente de alimentación

220V / 380V 50 / 60Hz 3KW

Tamaño del cartón

L (250-500) * W (200-400) * H (100-450) mm


3 ~ 6 cartones / tiempo


10-30 cartones / min

Suministro de aire

6-7 kg


L2000 * W1500 * H2050 MM (se puede personalizar)

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MODALIDAD: Embalaje de carga de seelong-carton slclp-600xy VENTAJAS 1 : Adopta método de embalaje superior y inferior vertical. VENTAJAS 2: Se caracteriza por un funcionamiento estable y simple. APLICACIÓN: utilizado principalmente en comida, y bebida, cerveza, licor, aceite, química diaria, alimentos embotellados y otras industrias.

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MODALIDAD: Seelong-carton cargar empaques slclp-600ct. VENTAJAS 1 : Adopta componentes eléctricos importados, SIEMENS PLC SISTEMA DE CONTROL Y LA INTERFAZ DE MAQUINA MÁQUINA. VENTAJAS 2: Se caracteriza por un funcionamiento estable y simple. APLICACIÓN: utilizado principalmente En la comida、 cirujano de cosmético、 Medicamentos y otras industrias

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Lotion Cellophane Wrapping and Case Packing Production Line

TPZX-100L Lotion Cellophane Wrapping and Case Packing Production Line Parameters Model TPZX-100L Cartoner module Carton size(LxWxH) (80-200)x(30-120)x(25-100)mm Carton quality 300-350g/m2 white cardboard Leaflet quality 60-65g/m2 Output 40-80 cartons/min Total power 11KW Dimensions(LxWxH) 2920x1140x1880mm 5580x1440x1880mm(including lining mechanism) Weight 1500Kg Cellophane Wrapping module Bundle size(LxWxH) (50-220)x(30-130)x(20-60)mm Packaging materials BOPP/PVC Thickness:0.018-0.030mm Output 40-80 cartons/min Power supply 220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz Power 3KW Compressed air 0.6-0.8Mpa Dimensions 3980x900x1590mm Weight 800Kg All-in-one Case Packer module Case size(LxWxH) (300-550)x(200-400)x(200-350) customizable Robot arm packing speed 10 placements/min (related to palletizing layers) Power supply 380V 50Hz Power 8Kw Compressed air 0.6Mpa Dimensions 4400x2300x1860mm(for reference only) Weight 1200Kg Air pump Compressed air 0.5-0.8Mpa Flow >0.2m2 Motor frequency 0-50Hz Max. air consumption 500L/min Certificates ISO 9001: 2000; CE Warranty 1 year Description With automatic feeding, wrapping, cellophane folding, heat sealing, counting and tear tape attaching, Cellophane Wrapper is a bottom-sealing cellophane wrapper, widely used in 3D cellophane wrapping of single or multiple cuboid products in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health care, food and other industries. Stable operation and firm smooth sealing make the products nicely presented, tamper-evident, and moisture-and-dust-proof. The machine will immediately upgrade the wrapped product to a higher class, increasing added value. Integrated with all-in-one case packer, it can achieve intelligent, digital, and net-worked production. Features Lotion cartoner module 1.With PLC+HMI, it is equipped with high end servo motors, featuring easy format change,fast speed, stable performance, and accurate position. It is intuitive to operate even by an inexperienced operator. 2.The cartoning speed and accumulated output will be shown on touch screen.Functions can be chosen manually and automatically. 3. Equipped with an automatic detection system, ZHJ-100B automatically detects and locates the shutdown for failures such as lack of materials, materials not in place, and inability to open the carton. 4. Fault alarm and corresponding maintenance methods will be shown on touch screen. Cellophane wrapper module This machine has incorporated advanced technologies abroad. With compact structure, it is easy to operate and service, suitable for overwrapping products of various specifications by changing only a few parts. It is applicable to large cuboid products, multiple overlapped products and the products requiring photoelectric tracking, such as packets of cigarettes, boxes of tea, boxes of chewing gum, medicines, cosmetics, and health products. All-in-one case packer module 1. PLC + HMI controls automatic counting, stacking, case erecting, loading and sealing. 2. The stacking system can be adjusted according to the size of the case and stacking pattern. 3.Not less than 10 placements per minute for quick case loading. 4.Case erector driven by servo and case loader by four-axis Yamaha robot ensure stable and reliable process. 5. Highly compatible. Hand-wheel marked with scales for adjustment and fine-tuning. 6.Warnings are in place for machine fault, missed product, missed case or machine jam.

DPT350L+ZHJ200 Vials Blister Packing and Cartoning Production Line

DPT350L+ZHJ200 Vials Blister Packing and Cartoning Production Line Parameters Model DPT350L+ZHJ200 Blister module Punching speed 10-35 cuts/min Max. forming area 345×180mm Stroke range standard ≤60-150mm  (customizable ≤180mm) Scope of application vials, oral liquid, others on request Packaging materials PVC/PVDC Max. width: 350mm       thickness: 0.15~0.50mm Max. forming depth 25mm ( customizable≤45mm) Heating power PVC pre-heating plate: 2x1.5KW Power supply 380V  50Hz Main motor power 3.0KW Cooling water consumption tap water circular cooling/chiller Noise 40-70dB Cartoner module Carton size(LxWxH) Max:210×108×75mm Min:70×33×17mm Leaflet size (LxW) (100-180)x(100-280)mm Leaflet quality 60-65g/m2 Output 80-150 cartons/min (depending on blister size) Main motor power 2.2KW Air pump Compressed air 0.5~0.8MPa Flow >0.2m2 Power supply 380V  50Hz Motor frequency 0-50Hz Dimensions(LxWxH) 10000X1170X2100 Weight 5600kg Total power 13.6kw Total air consumption 500L/min Certificates ISO9001:2015; ISO 45001:2018; CE Warranty 1 year Description DPT350L+ZHJ200 is a newly developed product designed for stand-up packaging of vials, oral liquid and daily chemical products. This machine has fast production speed, stable performance and high yield. It has advanced functions and intuitive operation. The whole production adopts PLC used for the packaging of vials.The packed products can not only provide feasts for eyes, increase added value, but also save packaging costs. Features Blister Module 1. Main drive and main motor installed at the rear of the machine are easy to maintain. Transmission using synchro-belt reduces noise and oil pollution. 2. Workstation adjustment by handwheel equipped with digital position display. 3. Segmental pre-heating with elongated silicone heating plate in heating station results in better forming effect. The upper and lower heating plates can be separated and displaced after machine stop to avoid damaging the plastic nature of the packing material. 4. Traction mechanism independently controlled by servo motor yields stable performance and accurate synchronization. The stroke length can be set directly through the PLC control panel according to the user's blister size. 5. Packing material winding through air expansion bearing reel with PVC splicing and joining platform facilitates quicker changeover of packing materials. 6. Force feeding by pick-and-place robot arm ensures accurate placement of blisters without damage. Cartoner Module 1. Continuous Cartoner ZHJ200 is a high-tech photoelectric, pneumatic and mechanical machine, applicable to a wide range of blisters, drug bottles, ointments and other similar products. 2. It has fully automatic process of products conveyance and detection, leaflet folding (1-4 times) and transmission, leaflet detection, carton pick-up, erecting and transmission, products into cartons, batch mark embossing, carton sealing (tuck-in or hot melt adhesive). It’s also the right choice for integrated production and mass production. 3. ZHJ200 adopts PLC, photoelectric detection, and HMI. 4. The touch screen has the code and address of each sensor actuator, which can query the consequences caused by the damage of the sensor and the actuator. 5. With overload monitoring system for the whole machine, conveyor chain, and pusher, the machine will stop automatically to minimize the damage and the overloading part will be displayed on the touch screen.

 Facial Mask Packing Machine
Máquina de cartón de caja SLBC-100B

MODALIDAD: Caja de la máquina de cartón SLBC-100B VENTAJAS 1 : Función multi-servo de carga. VENTAJAS 2 : Producto de alta tecnología Integración de luz, electricidad, gas y máquina; VENTAJAS 3 : Complete automáticamente el plegado del manual, la abertura de la caja de papel, los elementos, la entrada manual, el número de lote de impresión, el sellado de la caja, la caja de papel de la caja automática; VENTAJAS 4:C Se está conectado con la máquina del soporte, equipo de envasado de máscara, máquina de conservas, máquina de pesaje, máquina de envasado de membrana de tres D (máquina de encuadernación), máquina de embalaje y otros equipos. APLICACIÓN: Ampliamente utilizado para el embalaje y embalaje del soporte de plástico de medicamentos, la máscara facial (forro), las botellas de medicina, los cosméticos y etc

 Cartoning Packing Machine
Máquina de cartón de caja SLBC-120/150

MODALIDAD: Máquina de cartonificación de caja (SLBC-120/150) VENTAJAS 1 : Producto de alta tecnología Integración de luz, electricidad, gas y máquina; VENTAJAS 2 : se ejecuta suavemente y confiable, y es conveniente reemplazar y ajustar las cajas de papel de diferente tamaño; VENTAJAS 3 : Conectado con el equipo delantero y trasero del soporte, la máquina de embalaje de plástico de aluminio, la máquina de embalaje de almohadas, la máquina de pesaje, la máquina de envasado de membrana de 3 D (máquina de encuadernación) y las máquinas de embalaje; APLICACIÓN: Ampliamente utilizado para el embalaje y embalaje de soportes de plástico de medicamentos, placas de plástico de aluminio, bloques de plástico, botellas de medicina, cosméticos y artículos similares

all-in-one case packing machine
All-in-One Case Erecting/ Loading/ Sealing Machine KZF-550R1 (loading by Kuka robot)

All-in-one Case Erecting/Loading/Sealing Machine KZF-550R1 incorporates advanced technologies both home and abroad. Automatic stacker, case erecting machine driven by servo, loader by Kuka robot, and sealer are integrated in one machine, with a PLC+HMI operating system. Applicable to automatically packing various sizes of products, the machine can be used solo or integrated with the proceeding packing machine to form a packaging line.

HRP20 20kg Four-axis Robot Palletizer -hrg seelong
HRP20 20kg Four-axis Robot Palletizer

It is used for easily achieveing automated production line and completing tasks such as handling and stacking.

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